Friday, June 8, 2012

Long Overdue

An unfortunate casualty of many 'new normals' developing is having time for the updating of the blog.  Over the past couple of months we have had many 'new' things happening around our home and in our lives and I regret to admit there is no way I will ever be able to succinctly summarize these momentous occasions.  I will try to highlight some of the big 'new' adventures without writing a novel.

Kids first ...

Big Brother is now FOUR!  How did this happen?  We celebrated for over a week beginning in NJ with the Ridder family, continuing on to an afternoon of rides at the MOA and dinner at Broadway Pizza with the Manders grandparents and wrapping up the week with a bowling party at Brunswick Zone with friends and family.  At his 4 year old well child check up he was in the 78% for weight and 85% for height and he told the doctor his favorite thing to play at home is 'putting up Christmas lights', even after I had 'practiced' these questions with him on the way to the doctor.  It was quite humorous and both Dr. O and I were giggling in our minds as he said that one!

As a four year old he has developed a 'new' interest in space/rocket ships/astronauts/planes.  Do not fear, his love of trains will always be first and foremost in his heart, but it is fun to hear his imagination going to outer space these days!  He also has been developing an even greater vocabulary and I always enjoy hearing his thoughts about life.  At the same time, it's can be somewhat disconcerting to hear 'me' coming out of his mouth.  For instance, a few weeks back we had a string of days where if I would ask him to do something he would respond with "I'm not in the mood".  Wonder where he learned that one.  Big Brother is very interested in his letters and is starting to sound out words.  He likes to play this game "Mom (or Dad), what does E-T-M-N-O-I-L (or any other random combination of letters) spell?" He also has learned some about telling time and counting to 100.  He knows he is not allowed out of his bedroom until 'seven zero zero' and he's made great progress abiding by this 'family rule'.  Big B enjoys outings to the Children's Museum, MOA, Choo-Choo Bobs (He was able to meet Choo-Choo Bob this Spring!!), MOPS, and the library.  He really enjoys playing with friends and he is still a big fan of Psalty (his current favorite is "Missing Number 9").  He is still sweet as sugar with his baby brother and very patient with Little B (for now!).

I say 'for now' because my 6 month old "sits up by himself really good and can play with a pile of toys for quite awhile all by himself" Little Brother is now 9 months old and literally started crawling on June 6 - the day before he turned 9 months old.  He crawls on his hands and knees and is already pulling himself up on things (like the bath tub - dangerous slippery place and his crib).  I'm guessing he'll be walking before he's a year but I'd really like him to take his sweet time (insert Mommy-sigh).  So far, Big Brother has been putting up with Little B getting into his toys and he is pretty good about moving things out of Little Brother's reach but we'll see how it goes!  This has been a very 'new' adventure for me this week.  Little B has already tried to get into things Big Brother never even noticed when he started crawling.  I definitely have my hands full with my strong, adventurous, curious, smile-y, charming little guy.  He screams as soon as you put him in his seat for a meal and it's so loud no one can even speak to each other until he is eating - that has been a new adventure, too! He is definitely serious about his food.  He's a great eater and is basically eating most normal people food if it can be mashed by his toothless grin :) ... and so far he's not picky.  His favorite book (and just about the only one he will sort of sit still for) is a Pop-out book with giant pictures of animals that really catch his attention.  He also MUST be put to sleep without being held.  If he's being held, he is awake and wanting to see what everyone is up to - so he is not a cuddly one but that's okay - it's just how he's wired and he really goes down within a minutes of being put in his crib - no nuk, no rocking, just out like a light with his favorite blanket made by a woman at our church.  I can't wait to see what's in store with my little guy over the summer months.

I conquered a new adventure with both boys, by myself, recently - flying to NJ to visit my parents! It was ... wiggly and survivable but I was never so glad to see another adult at the end of both flights and I was also very thankful for Ethan enjoying special 'screen time' on my Nook as I allowed him to be entertained for quite a bit of our in air time while I managed the wiggler! :)

Family wise ...

My brother and his wife have moved from Fargo to Virginia and we miss them!  The boys and I were blessed to spend Memorial Day with them at my parents home in NJ - what a special treat.  My sister and her husband are now parents to my adorable niece and we are anticipating meeting her later this month.  She is our first 'cousin' on the Ridder side of the family.  Ross has entered the summer months at Bethel which are of a very different pace and we are enjoying more family time as my piano schedule slows down, too.  We have found ourselves in a 'new' routine, often in bed and asleep by 9 or 9:30 after a full day starting around 6 when the little guy wakes up - this is a 'new adventure' for us!  We are enjoying our 'new adventures' as a family of four and looking forward to time spent with family and friends over the summer months.