Sunday, April 1, 2012


Big Brother was the one who told me "Mama, you have a baby in your belly" in January 2011.  I hadn't even taken a pregnancy test yet and, lo and behold, he was definitely right.  He was also pretty insistent that the baby was a 'boy' from early on which helped us decide very early on a boy name - before we had even seen the ultra sound.  Big Brother was pretty curious all throughout my pregnancy, asking lots of questions and giving my growing belly lots of hugs and kisses.  He would often talk to his baby brother through my tummy, letting him know how loved he was already.  While I was hopeful that he would graciously accept Little Brother into our family, I wasn't sure how the transition to becoming a Big Brother would go for him after almost 3.5 years of being our only child.

From the moment Big Brother laid eyes on Little Brother for the first time and asked if he could sing him 'Jesus Loves Me' while holding him in the hospital room, a beautiful [new] love continued to grow.  I think this picture shows how much Big Brother loved his Little Brother from day 1.

I think what I didn't anticipate was how much Little Brother would adore Big Brother.  Little B loves any and all attention Big Brother gives to him.  Little Brother cannot keep his eyes off of Big B.  He twists and turns until his eyes spot his brother whenever Big Brother is within hearing distance.  It is a precious new normal to be witnessing. I anticipate there will be 'new normal' sibling squabbles as they grow, but I pray their love and adoration for each other will be a firm foundation upon which to build an incredible friendship over time.   I pray they will influence each other to grow in God's love and I pray they will make the kind of memories that will last a life time as they grow up together in our home.


  1. Emily, this is a beautiful post of two beautiful angels. God bless you and Ross for your dedication to being good parents.

  2. I love how they love each other...they're so lucky to have one another. The hat picture is awesome:).