Sunday, March 25, 2012

On the Road

As of late, I've been thinking about some 'new' habits I have while driving.

Pre-children, I would often listen to the radio or talk on the phone with my sister, mom, friends from far away, etc.  There was usually some sort of distraction going on while I was driving and my drives were mainly seen as getting me from one job to the next job (hence the 'need' for distraction).

Rarely did I take time to 'enjoy the view'.

With Big Brother rapidly approaching his 4th birthday, I have been thinking about how much my drive time habits have changed over the years.  More often then not, I have both boy with me when I'm traveling somewhere (and let's be honest, getting three people out the door adds on a half hour on a GOOD day - that's definitely different and 'new'!).  Half the time Big Brother prefers to 'chat' and we talk about what we're seeing, where we're going, and he provides an endless stream of conversation topics.  Sometimes he requests Psalty and I'm happy to oblige as I know God's Word is being hidden in his heart through the songs he is learning and the stories we're listening to together.  I try to avoid being on my cell phone because my cargo is just too precious to risk driving distracted.

While all of those changes are 'new normals' which have developed, the biggest change is how I see things through my windshield.  Rather than focusing on the road straight ahead and my final destination, I am always looking for things to show Big Brother.  Whether it's a pretty cloud formation, an airplane taking off, a water tower showing us what city we're in, or the way the trees are changing with the seasons - there is always something to be looking at and exploring with our senses.  He is likes to know how things work and where we are and so a simple trip in the car often turns into a lesson about 'you name it'.

One of the funniest things that is a 'new normal' to how my driving habits have changed has to do with Big Brother's favorite hobby - TRAINS!  I now notice every. single. bridge, tunnel, train bridge, track, and train we drive by or over and so does he, but I now also think about the roads I can drive which will include some fun 'train', tunnel or bridge excitement.  I never even used to be aware of bridges or tunnels or trains and now they jump out to me and if I'm alone in the car, I miss my buddy being there to 'share' in the excitement of what used to be just an every day drive.  Oh how life has changed (for the better) and how 'normal' these 'new' habits have become.  <3

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  1. Good to hear from you again, Emily. I think you're doing a great job at being a mommy. You show much patience and kindness, which is huge. Way to go!